Coming 2023

When a young army vet turned university janitor discovers a professor in her building is secretly developing weapons for mercenaries, she must outsmart the smartest person at the university before more people die.

It’s Good Will Hunting meets The Bourne Identity.

Heron Media, in conjunction with Marquette University and Little Fish Entertainment, presents the debut feature film written and directed by Kristin Holodak.

Thanks for help on the teaser:
Amelia Thompson – Jackie
Nate Berry – Dale
Amy Radloff – Professor K
Johanna Lee – Sally
Wes Schultz – Officer Robins
Keila J Brown – Trey
Kristin Holodak – Writer/Director
Melody Herr – Producer
Leo Purman – Cinematographer
Benjamin Cole – Original music
Jamie Cheatham – Fight choreography

More Than a Feature Film

This pilot program is designed to give students hands-on experience from industry professionals. Behind-the-scenes was a multi-departmental collaboration with Digital Media, Theatre Arts, and Engineering departments to deliver traditional classroom lessons in a real-world setting.

Our goal is to bring this film and subsequent films to distribution, as well as to make it a funded program to benefit future students.

From Our Students:

“It’s really hard once you graduate school to get such an opportunity like this…you get to learn hands-on with the teachers at Marquette….[they’re] there to help me, slow down, and teach me”

“Everyone wants someone with experience, but here you get to gain that experience…”

-Celia Patterson, Digital Media Major

“It gave me a perspective of the industry that I want to go into that I wouldn’t have had otherwise”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to get experience doing something you otherwise wouldn’t really have the opportunity to outside of physically traveling to…L.A. or Chicago, or New York”

-Nathan Berry, Digital Media & Art Major

Press and Honors

WISN ran a story on June 29, 2022 and had Kris and Producer Melody Herr in for a live studio spot on the 30th.

The Milwaukee Independent Film Society named Kris and Melody their 2022 Pace-Setter Honorees.

The Diederich College of Communication did a lovely spotlight on Diffraction for their fall alumni newsletter.

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