Enid’s Wall

What does it mean to belong in a place as old as the sea itself?

Drawn to the beauty and history of The Cape, a recently widowed teacher flounders in her quest to fit in as she strives to prove her encounters with the paranormal aren’t merely an outsider’s fantasy. 


A new project is in the works
This project is big enough to get it’s very own website: EnidsWall.com

For our first feature length film we are working on an adaptation of the short story Enid’s Wall by Jennifer Gostin. Like any feature film, it is not a quick turnaround kind of project. We are currently in the development stages so there is a long path ahead of us. But it will be fantastic. 

As the writing gets closer to being done (as much as writing is ever done before you start shooting) I’ve started passing it around for feedback and submitting it to script competitions at festivals. Very excited to announce we got our first official selection at the Auckland International Film Festival.

Script Competitions

Auckland International Film Festival (June 2018)
UFVA, (July 2018)
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, 2nd place (August 2018)
Stowe Story Labs, selected project (September 2018)


AIFF_Official_Selection_2018_Color      UFVA Laurel 2018 Black

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